Our Core Values


(How we need to behave so that we can fulfil our mission and vision)

Biblical Teaching
We believe the Scriptures are the inspired word of God, the final authority for our daily life and the catalyst for life transformation. This includes relevant teaching and preaching that motivates, inspires and challenges people to become more like Jesus.

We value love for God and people, expressed in words and actions. This includes relationships built on fellowship, evangelism, service, discipleship and worship beyond Sunday gatherings.

Cultural Relevance
We believe that church should be relevant in our community while remaining true to the Scriptures.

We value unity in diversity. This encompasses inclusivity, respect and acceptance of people of different backgrounds, understandings and life experiences.

Missional Leadership
We value leadership whose focus is on discipleship and mission. We consider this essential for accomplishing our purpose.

We value prayer as a means through which we communicate with God, experience transformation and grow in our intimacy with God.

We value the integrity of character as a result of the work of the Holy Spirit in every believer. This includes evidence of the fruit of the Spirit in our daily life.

A heart for the lost
We value a heart for the lost as they matter to God. This includes personal evangelism through relationships.

Continuous Growth
We value continuous growth in every aspect of church life. This includes both personal and corporate growth.

We value active participation from our congregation. This includes participation in one discipleship environment, one outreach ministry and one celebrational gathering.

Office & Church


Church Address:
24 Edney Road
High Wycombe
WA 6057

Church Office:
 +61 8 9454 4626