Fun Factory

Thankyou for supporting Fun Factory 2019 

What a great time we had this year with our Time Travellers theme. 

Check out the video from Fun Factory this year:


Check out the video from Fun Factory last year. 


We had a brilliant time at Fun Factory last year. Thanks for coming along, and thanks too for the many volunteers who came and helped to run this week-long event, supporting up to 150 kids each day. Here's some fun facts: We had 46 helpers during the week, and our kitchen team produced 552 pizzas, 1080 sausage rolls, 254 hot dogs, 220 hamburgers, 247 sizzling sausages, and 368 tacos. Take a look at the video to get a better picture of what happened.





If you enjoyed that see what happened at Fun Factory 2017:





Check out the video of  Fun Factory 2016, starring Sean W. Smith:










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