Playgroup Guidelines 2020



These guidelines review some of the requirements and procedures we have in place to ensure the good running of our Playgroup. If you are unsure of any of these matters, please do not hesitate to ask Robyn Douglas, Maida Vale Baptist Chuch, Children and Families’ Worker.


We have two groups in 2020, on Tuesday and Thursday. Playgroup runs from 9am to 11am.


Playgroup is for parents and children.  Each child must be accompanied by a parent or regular caregiver. This is a requirement for insurance purposes. If you are unable to attend please inform Robyn.


Fees - Fees are $30.00 per term. We would appreciate all fees to be paid by week two of each term.  If you attend more than one Playgroup the $25 per term fee applies for each group. Casual Fees are $5.00 per week. Please note that fees are non-refundable except in exceptional circumstances.

Insurance - We are an associate member of Playgroup WA. You may become a private member if you wish. You are covered by Maida Vale Baptist Church Insurance on our premises.


Compliance - We comply with government regulations on child safety. Please do not take photographs of children or other adults while you are at Playgroup.


Holidays - Playgroup does not run on Public Holidays or school holidays..


Morning Tea - Please bring a piece of fruit, cheese, dried fruit or other healthy foods for each child, to be shared at morning tea.  If you wish to celebrate your child’s birthday at Playgroup then you are welcome to supply a simple cake that can be shared with the children. Please check with Robyn if any children have food allergies before you bring your cake. Please let Robyn know if your child has a food or environmental allergy that we need to know about.


Art and Craft Activities. This will be available and children and parents are encouraged to participate as this helps fine motor skills and getting ready for kindy.


Participation – One of the fundamental principles of child development is the importance of  adult interaction with children.  During Playgroup use the time to read to children, help with craft activities, play games, build with blocks … and give lots of praise to your child and others.


Responsibilities - Your responsibility as a parent/caregiver is packing away craft, preparing morning tea for children and parents, setting up outside toys and putting them away, cleaning and sweeping and vacuuming the Playgroup room at the end of the session, and emptying the bin. Please ensure     that inside toys are not taken outside.


Safety in the outdoors – It is vital that at all times two adults are supervising children who are playing outdoors.  

It is important that all children wear a hat and sunscreen to protect them from being burnt.


Fundraising - From time to time we may need to do fundraising to improve our equipment and facilities.  We hope to see everyone involved in order to keep it as stress-free as possible.


Health Issues at Playgroup - Our children's health is very important to each one of us.  It is in the interest of other children and parents that you refrain from attending Playgroup if your child is unwell.  I'm sure this is common sense to all of you.


Immunisation – Vaccinated children have a small chance of contracting measles and whooping cough and this risk can be increased if they are in contact with non-immunised children.  Newborn babies and pregnant mothers, whom we often have at Playgroup, are also at great risk.  For this reason, we would appreciate you notifying Robyn on enrolment if your child is not immunised.  This information will remain strictly confidential, but, if your child falls into this group, this will enable us to notify you if there is an outbreak of measles and whooping cough within our Playgroup.  This is in the interest of all children and parents at Playgroup.


Planning - From time to time meetings will be called to discuss planning for Playgroup. Everyone is invited. Please let us know if you have any ideas or suggestions as to how things may be improved. Your involvement is appreciated. We are here to support you. if you have any concerns please contact Robyn.

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