Sunday at MVBC

There are many ways that people can connect with the Church and Sunday morning is one of those ways. We believe that this is a time that the whole family can join together in authentic worship of God, so we encourage children to attend the service with their parents. It is a time for worship where we can hear the words of Scripture, sing together, and pray for each other and for others. It is a time when we can meet with other like-minded people and encourage and support each other in our daily life. We also have a time when someone, usually our pastor, Rob Douglas, shares a 20 minute message from the Bible to help us to grow in our faith and learn how we can become more like Jesus. 


We would love you to join us on Sunday morning from 9.30am.  The service usually goes for about an hour and morning tea is provided after the service.

Office & Church


Church Address:
24 Edney Road
High Wycombe
WA 6057

Church Office:
 +61 8 9454 4626